Development Strategy

01. Development Strategy

S1: Mission

Medinet has been carrying out its mission with its staff, customers and the society:

With its staff:

Medinet understands that people is the key factor of the sustainable development of the business and the creation of values for the customers. Therefore, we always pay attention to human resources element and the construction of an active, friendly and effective working environment.

With customers:

During the development, we guarantee to offer the highest quality products and services to the customers and to become the trusted companion of our counterparts.

With society:

Medinet’s target is to balance between business profits and the society, to contribute to the common development of the nation on the path of integration and reaching out to the world.

S2: Vision

With the pioneering aspiration and the investment strategy - sustainable development, Medinet from Vietnam's leading media, health, pharmaceutical, beauty become a leading media corporation , contributing to the whole society, for the health of the Vietnamese community and the world.

S3: Strategy

As the leading media agency in Vietnam for medical, health, pharmaceutical and aesthetics, Medinet has affirmed its position, reputation for its customers and consistently follows its development strategy:

  • Focusing on health care units, hospitals, clinics in strategic cities and supporting newly established units to become prestigious units, gradually affirming their position in customer's eyes.
  • Having customers, partners and target markets.
  • Growing regular revenue, meeting the increasing demand and diversification of customer segments, partners and target markets for development.
  • Increasing incomes, improving the competency of the contingent of employees frequently.
  • Promoting investment in the field of health, medicine, pharmaceutical and aesthetics to catch the trend and establishing a position in the field of media in Vietnam.

Human Resources Strategy

02. Human Resources Strategy

With the philosophy of human resource-based development, Medinet always considers human resources as the core factor, a valuable asset of the company.

  • Medinet has been applying all policies to attract, train and foster to develop staff who have both professional skills and ethical qualities and attitude, seriousness, profession improvement mentality.
  • The Medinet team might not be the best graduates from prestigious universities in the country or abroad, not those who enjoy comfort and stability but who are eager to learn, have a moral qualities and extremely serious in work, not afraid to be afraid of suffering, not afraid of pressure; Always strive to grow.
  • Medinet regularly organizes events such as workshops, seminars, reviews, quarterly contests, online and offline courses for employees to improve their knowledge and skills as well as soft skills.
  • Medinet strives to create a fair, healthy competitive environment between employees so that they can affirm themselves.
  • In addition, to create the inspiration for the work and the creativity of the staff, the Board of Medinet also attaches importance to building professional, friendly and creative freedom stimulating working environment, ensuring the material and spiritual life is sufficient, motivating the staffs to pursue a long career and dedication to the company and the society.


03. Values

Medinet has been carrying out its mission to bring great value to the society, customers and staffs of the company, engaging with the responsibility of the business with the development of the country.

Values for the society:

  • On the road to building momentum, each year Medinet offers the opportunity and the need to work for many students across the country.
  • With the view toward sustainable development, the success of the company is not only the results from business, but also a commitment to improving and improving the quality of life of people in Vietnam, contributing to the prosperity of the country.

Values to customers:

  • Medinet understands that the success of the business is always thanks to the investment and the cooperation with domestic and foreign partners.
  • In the process of development, we are committed to provide our customers with the best quality products and services and become the trusted partner of our partners.

Values to the employees:

  • For Medinet, people are the decisive factor for the sustainable development and prosperity of the business, while creating value added efficiency for customers.
  • Medinet is proud of the environment that our staffs desire to stay with the business when great values are brought to them.
  • Financial Group Value: Medinet always ensure the income and the improvement of quality of life for staff:
    1. Salary according to the capacity, helping employees to have a stable life;
    2. Evaluation, periodic salary increase / decrease every 3-6 months;
    3. Have clear punishment/award regulation;
  • Group Value of Training and Development: Medinet focuses on training source personnel, upper level training for subordinates, training the replacement personnel to move up to higher positions:
    1. Knowledge, skills and soft skills training for managers and staff;
    2. Regularly sharing and exchanging between leaders and employees in order to raise knowledge, skills and experiences for laborers;
    3. Investing in courses, professional seminars, management skills for the management team, staff;
  • Work/life balance group value: Medinet allows employees to balance family life and work pressures.
    1. Working hours: 8.30 - 17.30, 7.5 hours/day;
    2. Employees are entitled to leave in special circumstances such as leave, late arrival, unpaid leave within the permitted time agreed by the manager, department manager;
    3. Organizing offline sessions, picnic, travel with the participation of staff’s family, in order to reach consensus, trust, balance between family life and working environment;
  • Environmental and working group value: At Medinet, the culture and behavior of the company is always professional:
    1. The managerial level leadership decisively handle the work quickly;
    2. Young, modern, friendly and professional environment;
    3. Clear procedures, clear job description, fair and transparent evaluation criteria;
    4. High chance of promotions;
  • Group value "ownership": Medinet allows employees:
    1. Employees can consult and participate in the decision-making and planning process of the company;
    2. Employees are the internal customers of the company;
  • Group value “brand”: Medinet employees are the creator of Medinet brand:
    1. Employees are the team building the culture, making the company brand;
    2. Employees are involved in the dissemination of company brand;
    3. Employees are the face of the company;

Medinet Culture

04. Medinet Culture

S1: Medinet’s core values

Culture of discipline

We have been building a disciplinary culture based on the idea of freedom and responsibility within a certain framework. However, this is not a totalitarian discipline; instead, it is placed in the context of discipline, disciplinary thought, and disciplinary action when every individual at Medinet is ready to do anything just to fulfill your responsibility.

For customers

Customer are the most important factor in the business, they are the key towards a company‘s thriving. Imbued with that idea, we always prioritize the customer, customer orientation in every action and whole-hearted, full force to help customers implement what they want, turn the target into reality.

Learn, create, innovate incessantly

The world is constantly changing, what we know today can become outdated the next morning. Being aware of this fact, every member of Medinet does not allow themselves to wear the "expert hat" and compromise with a handful of patterned solutions based on old knowledge and experience, we constantly learn, innovate and innovate incessantly to turn limited resources into unlimited targets.

Commitment of responsibility

At Medinet, commitment, honesty and integrity are our top priorities, even if it affects the interests of the company. That is why, on a personal level, each member at Medinet is absolutely responsible for their duties and responsibilities. Meanwhile, at the company level, we promote and strictly work in accordance with commitment, compliance with commitments made to customers, partners.

Transparency, fairness

Be honest and clear with customers; Equity is one of the principles of Medinet's operation. Therefore, we always facilitate the customers, partners in the inspection, monitor the progress of work, send complaints and handle complaints. With staff, we are always fair and transparent in policy as well as opportunities for career development.

Performance, efficiency

Performance, efficiency are two very important elements in management at Medinet. In other words, at Medinet, there is no such thing as "this is too hard, impossible, or surrendering," instead we are constantly striving to turn initial finite resources into goals, achieving highest throughput through optimum performance. This is vital in the world of today's global trade, as competition intensifies and becomes fierce.

S2: Medinet Discipline

Medinet is transforming itself with the goal to become a great company, affirming its name and brand in the field of Digital Marketing.

In order to achieve the goal, Medinet is focused on building and developing in every way and one of its mission is to build a disciplinary culture: Disciplinary people - Disciplinary mentality - Disciplinary action.

Disciplinary people - foundation of a great company

Level 5 leader At Medinet, the leaders are all set to become leaders at the highest level, a paradoxical combination of personal humility and determination, the energy in the workplace, the orientation for the company to become great.

  • Facilitates successors to achieve greater success in the next generation;
  • Shows humility;
  • Inspires by the burning desire to produce the most firm results, determine to build a great company;
  • Works hard and smart;
  • Haves an objective view, evaluates success due to the contribution of all, in the case of failure to do so requires self-criticism first;

Suitable people are the most important asset

A great company will choose people before embarking on anything, not just any people, but the suitable people.

At Medinet, management is very focused on choosing the right person to take the "journey car" and then directing the car. That means the selection of people comes first then the work: People ahead - work follows.

Combined with training the right people to make them better, and giving good people the best opportunity to develop their capacity and effectiveness in work.

Thus, in the development of human discipline, Medinet is looking to be a company with level 5 leaders and the best collaborators. Together, we must find the direction, the best solution even if we have to go up against fierce struggle, we still have to unite towards the common goal.

Disciplinary thoughts and mentality

Medinet has always focused on creating a culture in which everyone has more opportunities to be heard and most importantly is the truth to be heard. In order to implement this, Medinet focuses on four basic actions:

  • Leading by question, not by answer
  • Engaging in dialogue, debate, no coercion
  • Performing the analysis, no blaming
  • Setting up red flag mode to put information up to information that can not be ignored.

In particular, when any problem or difficult situation occurs, they need to face the situation directly, find ways to overcome it to become stronger.

Medinet will always hold the belief that they will eventually win, and they will always face the harsh reality of the present, not shy away from the difficulties.

Disciplinary action

A great organization or company is a company with a culture of discipline along with talented individuals who have the spirit of daring to aim high. In particular, the culture of discipline is to set goals and to make them achievable.

Medinet is aiming to build freedom and responsibility within the framework, namely: Discipline must begin with disciplined people, first of all recruiting disciplined people that does not require management, followed by the need to manage the system rather than human management. That means, immediate attention should be paid to disciplinary action.

Medinet strives constantly to bring the standards to new heights, focusing on building a culture of discipline based on three intersecting circle: Work with your passion, work with your best ability, work to dominate their own economy.

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